Working at ITMS 

Attracting, developing and retaining key talent is crucial to ITMS’s success. We strive to find a diverse group of the most qualified and committed people, and offer them challenging opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential.

At ITMS we attract individuals who drive positive change, who are performance focused and accountable to achieve results, who work together across teams and with customers and consumers and who demonstrate their positive spirit and energy.

Experience our energy and passion by considering a career with us: use your skills and talent to grow as ITMS does.

We Offer:

A career at ITMS will have you right career path; better working environment; equal employment opportunity; competitive compensation package; Training & development from renowned overseas & local professionals etc.

A Place to Learn:

We encourage our employee to take part in opportunities and programs that will add to their aptitude to bring value and ensure further expansion and achievement for themselves and the Company.

Meeting organizational objectives, ensuring high-level performance and providing an ambiance in which employees can enhance their career potential are goals of the following developmental opportunities offered at ITMS.

We offer:

  • In-house learning opportunities are provided by managers working closely with employees to structure appropriate on-the-job activities to meet identified developmental needs.
  • We invite professional personnel from abroad for the development of our employees. Professional certifications are provided at seminars, conferences or other specialized workshops.

Employee Satisfaction

We treat employees as our core asset. Since employee retention & increased productivity are important to us, we try to make the employees satisfied by following ways:

Incentive Scheme for All Employees:
Besides fixed payment, we have a policy to pay employees based on target, performance, achievement, cost savings, revenue generated etc. Our revenue is the result of employee’s high diligence. We do honor their diligence and pay a portion accordingly.

Medical Support:
Employees’ health & life mean a lot to us. For employees, ITMS offers a range of services designed to safeguard the health of employees at home and abroad. These range from health screenings to wellness programs.

ITMS Scholarship Scheme:
In order to encourage and patronize meritorious children of employees, ITMS provides financial support on a regular basis. Starting from class I to post graduation level, students with good academic result get scholarship under this scheme.

Transportation & Canteen Facilities:
For convenience, we offer transportation facilities to all factory employees. In addition to that, employees from head office & factory get high quality canteen facilities as well that make them highly satisfied.

Recognition & Career Growth:
Based on Key Performance Indicator (KPI), we recognize the performance of employees. We have a monthly recognition scheme namely “Employee of the Month” that truly motives employees to work hard like never before. In addition to that, ITMS offers smooth and long term career growth to the deserving candidates.

Employee Training & Development:
To get employees more productive, ITMS regularly organizes training and development session by renowned professionals both inside and outside the country.

Work Environment:
    ITMS do judge work environment as a tool for productivity. At ITMS, We empower our employees to make any kind of questions and recommendations without any hesitation. Moreover, here people come up with own innovative ideas and thrive themselves working independently.

If you are interested to be a part of ITMS please do mail to us at .