With multiple stakeholders involved, working at different locations on-site and off-site, and project duration running into years, a construction project can get messy if not managed properly. Being very capital-intensive, any slip or delay can result in huge cost-overruns.

Wintrasoft has worked with a large number of companies in this industry in Singapore and has developed complete understanding of their workflow and processes. Real estate and construction companies can benefit immensely from our expertise in project management. We assist real estate and construction companies across all phases in the value chain, starting with pre-construction planning to post-construction sales. We offer IT solutions for document management, materials requirement management, inventory management, communication system, risk monitoring, progress tracking and reporting mechanism, and dashboard implementation. We provide an IT-based platform for architects, engineers, contractors and workers spread across sites to communicate, collaborate, manage and report in a simple, structured and secured manner. Our IT solutions integrate all functions – procurement, accounting and operations – to streamline processes and enhance efficiency

Our IT solutions for Real Estate & Construction industry include:

  • Field force management systems.
  • Workflow and information flow management systems.
  • Enterprise applications such as ERP for materials requirement management, inventory and supply chain management.
  • Monitoring and tracking system for operations, report generation and dashboard implementation
  • IT platform for integration of end-to-end business functions across the value chain.