Our Clients

Our Clients are our marketing team, our strength. Our Services to our clients force them to promote our services with their circle. We provide customised services to our clients not only Online but also provide them management support etc.

List of Our Clients

  1. Mother’s Lap Public School, Agra, UP
  2. Air Force School, Digaru, Assam
  3. Vimal Hriday School, Purnia, Bihar
  4. Cosmic Music School, Kollam, Kerala
  5. LPGSEM, Veliyam, Kerala
  6. TVTMH School, Veliyam, Kerala
  7. GWUP School, Veliyam, Kerala
  8. Gopi Jumction, Sonapur, Assam
  9. Rentrip, Gani Fatehpur, UP
  10. Viraat Online, Vadakara, Kerala
  11. Patanjali College of Yoga,Cochin, Kerala
  12. ST. Thomas Mar Thoma Church,Kaithakuzhy , Kerala
  13. Kerala Palani, Veliyam, Kerala
  14. Lekshmi Cargos and Courier, Agra, UP
  15. Sai Ganesh Transport, Guwahati, Assam

……………………….and many more